Unlike other taxi services we don’t just get you from Point A to Point B with great conversation, we are also here to give you options! We put all the choices in your hands, so if you would like to go out or just stay at home and have us do your running around for you.

yellow delivery service taxi

Delivery Service

This service is specifically for people who may not be able to leave their home, but are in need of specific items, be it from the store, restaurant, or pharmacy. If you find yourself in this situation, here is what we can do for you:

Call us to let you know what you need, where it is, and how you will be paying. Our prices are as follows:

Delivery Fee: $15.00 + Amount of Items Requested + Mileage from pick up location to drop off destination (standard rates apply)

courier boy rushing to deliver

Courier Service

This service is mainly set up for small businesses that need something picked up or dropped off in a hurry. If you are need of a hassle-free delivery, call us. The fees for this service are to be set up between the business and Gold Rush Taxi LLC owners.

wedding celebration on a hill

Wedding Parties

We do weddings! Big or Small it doesn’t matter we will get it done!!

Our goal here at Gold Rush Taxi LLC is to ensure that one of the biggest days of your lives is not taken up by worrying about how and where your guests are and if they will make it in time to see YOUR beautiful ceremony and then to your reception and back home at the end of the night.

Contact us to find out our rates and options for your most special of days.

white wine and red wine glasses

Book Online for Wine Tours!

Why spill your wine or not even taste it at all by having to be the designated driver just give us a call here at Gold Rush Taxi LLC and let us do the driving for you!

Tours of El Dorado and Amador County vineyards can last up to a full day, for a group of up to 4-7 passengers per car.

There may be some limitations on what wineries we may or may not visit, so be sure to specify which you are interested in.

We will arrange the tour, schedule visit times and tastings for you, and assign a dedicated driver to your group who will stay with you for the entire trip.
promotional gold rush taxi wine glass
We provide each person with a complementary Gold Rush Taxi tasting glass to keep!

Specialty rates may apply depending on what tour you and your friends choose.

Remember: This is an adults-only trip!