We here at Gold Rush Taxi LLC would like to take a moment to point out some very important customers that supported and drove our dream into reality with us but with great sadness have passed on. However they will always remain in our hearts and a part of our company’s past, but most importantly impact our company’s future.

Diane Lumsford

dediciation to diane lumsford with dogBorn January 1941-Died May 3, 2014

It is with a heavy heart that we lost not only one of our companies’ biggest encouragers and supporters but a woman who was an awesome friend to each and every one of us here! Mrs. Diane you fought a great fight and it’s now time you’re at peace and completely pain free. This is an interesting business that we are in and how people who we would have never known not only become friends but family and Mrs. Diane you will always be family!!! Your stories and giving heart will live on each and every day here at Gold Rush Taxi. We love you and will miss you tremendously…

Melvin McDonald

Born July 1923 -Died May 23, 2013

Mr. McDonald left us all better people just for knowing and having the honor to drive him around town to go shopping or to just get his morning New York Times and then down to Carrows to grab a bite to eat. Every outing was such an adventure talking with him about all the places he’d been to or dreamed about going. He also loved reading and his favorite movie was Ben Hur with Charlton Heston. We can’t believe how blessed we were to have known and learned so much from this great man. He is missed but never forgotten.

Brady “Bubba” Eagan

Brady Bubba Eagan with Ty-die shirtBorn April 1971-Died February 18, 2013

Laughter!! That one word describes Bubba to a tee. He loved life and he loved everything he did. We got to know Bubba over a couple years and in that time enjoyed his adventures with him along with his love for his work at Spanky’s Pizza in Placerville. We will always miss hearing the laughter and joy Bubba had for life.


Born –Died May 2013

Kena left this earth on night without any warning devastating her husband who depended on her for everything. She loved living in the mountains and giving of herself in order to take care of her husband. Kena enjoyed each and every day she was blessed with and is missed by all that knew her.

Ricky Jackson

ricky jackson in military uniformBorn March 19, 1948 – Died March 24, 2014

Ricky Jackson born March 19, 1948 in Harrisburg, AK, died March 24, 2014. Ricky grew up in the Sacramento area. Ricky served his country in the Army in Vietnam. He was a natural born salesman and used his talents as a used car salesman, eventually owning his own car lot. Ricky enjoyed golfing and hanging out at Spanky’s. He also enjoyed boating, fishing and camping in the mountains with his family.