About Us/History

Who Are We?

We would like you to know exactly who we are and better yet what we look like so there is NO confusion as to who we are.

Each driver you see below has been drug tested, live scanned and approved by the Chief of Police for The City of Placerville. We take our screening process extremely serious and require our drivers to be the very best.

Lisa Matte Owner of Gold Rush Taxi

Lisa Matte - Owner

Tory Younghusband Owner of Gold Rush Taxi

Tory Younghusband - Owner

Wyl Lead Taxi Driver

Wyl - Lead Driver

Mandi employee


Shay employee


Allen employee


Shawn employee


Duncan employee


History Behind Gold Rush Taxi LLC

Gold Rush Taxi LLC was founded in 2011 by Lisa Matte and Tory Younghusband who recognized the need for a premium Taxi Cab Company here in El Dorado County and now in Amador County. Soon to be serving South Lake Tahoe and Folsom!! We started this company with an emphasis of being customer service oriented and having the reliability and safety for each and every customer.

Gold Rush Taxi LLC drivers are required to pass multiple quality-assurance checks to make certain that they are DRUG-FREE, FRIENDLY, RESPECTFUL, PUNCTUAL, and SELF-MOTIVATED. We only employ the best of the best and hope that we will exceed your expectations when you choose us for you transportation needs.

Our fleet is comprised of white Scion XB’s, which are the little box cars you may see running around town. We also have touring, unlabeled cars, for our tours for your convenience and luxury.

Our Beliefs

We make customer safety and security our FIRST and UTMOST PRIORITY at all times. We also have a close working relationship with local law enforcement and are currently working with the Placerville City Counsel to create NEW, STRICKER ordinances and laws in order to protect OUR community and visitors when using local taxi companies. We are also the ONLY taxi service in El Dorado and Amador Counties that have passed all TSA inspections in order to accommodate each traveler to their specific gate at the Sacramento International Airport.

Setting the Taxi Standards for El Dorado and Amador Counties

We here at Gold Rush Taxi LLC have set the standards for the local taxi companies in both Amador and El Dorado counties. These companies have branched off and copied our business model, then they claim to be the best and believe they are changing the industry after being in business for a short time well as the old saying goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” We don’t “claim to dream about being the best”, it’s already been proven by you the public. Continue to ride with us and we’ll show you why we are your #1 taxi service.

  • First to accept Credit Cards
  • First to use GPS
  • First to have camera’s inside the taxi
  • First to implement uniforms
  • First non-smoking taxi’s
  • First to get Background checks, Drug testing and Permits on all driver’s
  • First to initiate new laws for taxi companies and drivers
  • First to have and offer free local small business advertising
  • First and ONLY taxi company that has a state LLC
  • First to have a website
  • First to hand out advertising items to local business
  • First to track DUI deterrents on our website
  • First to be cleared with school districts and local women’s shelter’s to transport minors and battered women.
  • First to allow tabs/monthly billing for repeat customers and local companies.
  • First to pass all rules and inspections required by Sacramento International Airport and TSA
  • First to pay our drivers when they have a day working with no calls received. (Has NEVER happened in El Dorado County)
  • First to offer wine tours, wedding transportation and county tours
  • First in El Dorado and Amador Counties to be on Social Media
  • First to get local owner’s permission to advertise on our website and contract our exclusive business (fee free)
  • First implement a taxi service that open’s door’s for clients, and have multiple phone chargers for clients

We cannot emphasize enough to both our loyal customers and new customers to please NOT get caught up in the flashy Cadillac’s, BMW’s and van’s and FALSE CLAIMS you may see around town and on various websites claiming they are certified and approved by both El Dorado County and the City of Placerville! It is always in your best interest to ask each driver to see the companies insurance and also the driver’s taxi permit before choosing to ride with them.